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Flower Doodle

Sterling Silver with glass beads and Ladybug Clasp.


Heart Doodle

Sterling Silver.

$95 Necklace  $65 Bracelet

Heart Doodle

Sterling Silver


Bunny Doodle

Sterling Silver


Bunny Doodles©

Sterling silver


Red Heart Doodles©

Sterling Sliver with small copper heart. Invisible cable with sterling silver clasp.


Wine Doodles©

Sterling Sliver with invisible cable and sterling clasp.


Martini Doodles©

 Sterling Sliver with invisible cable and sterling clasp.




The Doodles© are such a fun and exciting thing for me! Any shape, size, or idea can  be done!

Elk Ivory Bracelet

Copper and brass


Sterling Sliver Chain with copper


Organza Ribbon with copper


These are hand cut with different type of finishes.  All with Liver of Sulfur Patina.  Come in large and small, Sterling Silver Snake chain or Organza ribbon.

All catches are Sterling Silver unless otherwise specified.


Sterling Silver with Obsidian pebble. Organza ribbon


Hand carved Soapstone with sterling silver rivet. Black suede cord


Hand carved Soapstone with Sterling Silver jump ring.  Black suede cord



Hand made with Sterling Silver. 12mm round Amber




This is a sample of some of the clasps I hand make.

12g fabricated Sterling Silver with 10x8 mm Garnet. Ribbon and hand written etched words.  File and satin finish.

NFS.  Will make one to custom fit


12g fabricated Sterling Silver. Ribbon and hand written etched words.

NFS.  Will make one to custom fit


12g hand raised Sterling Silver with ribbon.

NFS. Can make one like it



Fabricated Sterling Silver with Copper plated steel nails. Liver of Sulfur patina


Sterling Silver and copper with rough Topaz crystals













14g Sterling Silver with hand made nails. 5x7mm garnet


 14g Sterling Silver with copper wrap around



14g Sterling Silver with 14K Yellow Gold wrap around. 5x7 Citrine



14g Sterling Silver with copper inlay.

1"square, 3/4", then 1/2". NFS

The first and third is the same one. These are made of hand raised copper. Hollow-ware. Have slight patina.

$1500 ea.



hot forged brass with Cupric Nitrate and acrylic paint





Hand raised copper with copper plated steel nails soldered in. Cupric Nitrate inside and Liver of Sulfur patina on the outside.

NFS. To make one like it



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