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I was raised in Alaska, moved to Idaho for 19 years and I am now back in Alaska. Trying something new!

I graduated at Idaho State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Metals/Jewelry.  But I range all over the place and use many different mediums.  How can I limit myself?

I am very into secrets.  The person you are to the public, is not the person in private, is not the person in your heart, and even that may not be the real person you are.  I explore the secret places.  The dark, scary, and maybe even yummy secrets that we all have.

The main focus is the corsetry and the binding of things.  By the binding of the body, you are giving up the control to something else and it is controlling you, but on the other hand, what secrets are you holding in, hiding, controlling?  A delicious dilemma!

The other focus is the 'guys'.  I am sorry to say they come from a very sad event in my life and they are the personification of my grief, rage, and pain of the loss of my very dearest friend.  They remind me to never forget or to let her go.  I am honored to have known her and wish to share them with the world so that she may forever keep touching lives around regardless that she is gone.

Thank you so very much for visiting me and I hope to be working with you!



ps.  If you would like to ask me anything, please contact me. I really would love to talk.



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